IG3 Education Ltd

ABN: 37095551161

Trading as Eduss Learning

IG3 Education – Overview

IG3 Education Ltd (IG3) , a public unlisted company comprises of two main business areas:

1. IG3 Education, established in Australia in 2001, is a leading Education Solutions Specialists company that delivers cutting edge education & technology solutions to schools and kindergartens. It’s products include a number of curriculum support software solutions, including Readme, The Language Market, IG3 Maths, IG3 English & Phonics, Learning A-Z, etc., and EduTouch, a full range of interactive hardware solutions.

2. IG3 Education trading as A Brighter Image (ABI), originally established in 1998 and a division of IG3 since January 2017, operates as an audio-visual wholesaler, with a large percentage of its products being distributed to schools via a well-established reseller channel, comprising of over 380 active resellers. It’s product range includes Epson, Panasonic, NEC, Astralvision, Kramer, Draper and Orator.

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IG3 Education Ltd
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ABN: 37095551161

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