Our EduTouch Solutions combine Multi-Touch Functionality & Award-Winning Software to create an immersive Learning Environment for Students and Teachers!

EduTouch Interactive Panels

EduTouch EST01 Motorised Height Adjustable Mobile Solution

EduTouch Kindy Solution

EduTouch EST04 Automated Stand

EduTouch ST33 Mobile Stand

IG3 Education Ltd is an approved supplier on QEDSOA-71789-Interactive solutions- Category One, Which includes the full range of Edutouch Interactive LED Solutions as well as The Epson Range of Interactive Projectors.
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Anti-glare, Toughened Glass

The Benefits

The EduTouch Solutions are specifically designed for Schools and Kindergartens, complimented with an extensive Software Package & Training included. This focus on Education Solutions gives teachers the ability to use superior technology effectively within the classroom.

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Mac & Windows Compatible

Wireless Display Built-in

7 Year Onsite Warranty

20 Point Touch

EduTouch Interactive Panels

The EduTouch Interactive Panels are designed specifically for Education! All our EduTouch Panels are complete Education Solutions, packaged with a Software Bundle including: Note Interactive Software, ReadMe Literacy and Nuiteq Snowflake. We offer 4 hours of basic training to ensure the effective use and integration of all EduTouch Solutions in the Classroom.

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MAXHUB X3 Series Conference Panels

MAXHUB X3 brings you convenient connection and presentation. You can share photos and documents on the big screen wirelessly through PC, smartphones, and tablets. Controlling the big screen at your seat with aforementioned mobile devices is available. Every presentation and communication experience is beyond imagination.

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